Mad-Man Genuine Leather Ratchet Belt

Mad-Man Genuine Leather Ratchet Belt

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The Mad Man AutoMADtic Genuine Leather Ratchet Belt uses an innovative track system instead of the traditional pin & hole system. This holeless belt with built-in 38 position track system, lets you adjust in small ¼” increments adjustments for comfortable perfect fit everywhere! Easy removable buckle allows you to cut the belt to your ideal size to give a custom tailored appearance. Made of genuine leather strip and elegantly designed buckle. Extremely durable and comfortable.


  • Lift the clasp > Open the back belt clamp to detach from belt > Cut the belt to your desired size - BE CAREFUL how much you cut! > Reinsert the leather into the buckle and close the clasp

  • Push the lever on the side of buckle, lock will snap > Pull the belt through the buckle - DONE!

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