Pura Fragrance Refills
Pura Fragrance Refills
Pura Fragrance Refills
Pura Fragrance Refills
Pura Fragrance Refills
Pura Fragrance Refills
Pura Fragrance Refills
Pura Fragrance Refills
Pura Fragrance Refills
Pura Fragrance Refills
Pura Fragrance Refills

Pura Fragrance Refills

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Direct from Pura: https://pura.com/ 

Our fragrances are created by world-renowned perfumers using globally sourced ingredients, delivering the highest quality home fragrances you can buy.

Pura fragrances are thoughtfully designed to never include harsh chemicals. We avoid ingredients known to cause potential harm to health or the environment. Every fragrance is safe and ethically sourced.

Kashmir: Orange blossom, sandalwood, and Kashmir vanilla combine to create a fragrance as beautiful as paradise.


Top: blood orange, mandarin zest
Middle: clove leaf, nutmeg, ylang blossom
Bottom: cedarwood, patchouli, vanilla bean

Holly Berry: Capturing the iconic and timeless essences of a winter holiday, Holly Berry is a festive array of aromatic evergreens, sparkling red fruits, and comforting rustic woods.

Top: anjou pear, crème de cassis, turkish rose, strawberry leaf
Middle: sugar apple, mirabelle plum, mountain laurel, nordic pine
Bottom: raspberry puree, white cedar, creamy musk, sandalwood, vanilla

Blackberry Absinthe: This scent combines luscious blackberries, fragrant jasmine, and liquid amber to create a warm, sophisticated, and beautifully inviting floral.

Top: orange, greens, apple, blackberry
Middle: rose jasmine, lily of the valley
Bottom: wood, amber, vanilla, musk

Pomegranate Blush: Juicy pomegranate, raspberry whipped cream, and swirls of warm amber intermingle in this velvety treat.

Top: pomegranate, tart currant, creamy coconut
Middle: rhubarb flower, raspberry whipped cream
Bottom: fluffy musk, warm amber, sandalwood sugar, patchouli

Linens & Surf: Freshly laundered linens radiate jasmine and creamy coconut with splashes of refreshing sea spray.

Top: bergamot, sea spray, ozonic
Middle: pear, passionfruit, orange flower
Bottom: sandalwood, coconut, creamy jasmine

Palo Santo: Notes of cedar, cypress, and sandalwood come together to recreate and honor the deep, woody richness of the sacred Palo Santo.

Top: cedar, mint
Middle: cypress, eucalyptus
Bottom: sandalwood, amber

Patchouli Park: With natural aromatics of sequoia and cypress trees, this relaxing, grounding scent takes you to a wooded escape filled with cedar leaf, white patchouli, and a cheerful hint of juniper berry.

Top: Cedar Leaf Orpur®, juniper berries, peppermint
Middle: white patchouli, Indonesia Orpur®, Sylkolide musk
Bottom: Acadia National Park Scent Trek®, Sequoia National Park Scent Trek®, Cypress Orpur®

Dusk: Effortlessly intriguing and endlessly alluring, this fragrance combines exotic notes of Maracuya, fresh pepper, and sparkling pear with ylang ylang, mimosa, and creamy coconut.

Top: bergamot, maracuya, fresh pepper, sparkling pear
Middle: ylang ylang, peony, mimosa, egyptian jasmine, orange flower
Bottom: patchouli, sandalwood, praline musk, amber, coconut

Aim to Teas: Sparkling orange, spearmint, white tea, and basil combine with pear blossom and patchouli to create a fragrance that is beautifully intricate yet distinctly familiar.

Top: orange, Upcycled Mandarin Italy Orpur®, spearmint
Middle: white tea, India Holy Basil Scent Trek®, pear blossom, Geranium Egypt Orpur®, jasmine
Bottom: Ambrofix®, Patchouli Indonesia Orpur®, phytogaia accord, musk

Maui: Escape to the secret beaches of Maui with tart bergamot, soft ylang ylang, and airy driftwood.

Top: bergamot
Middle: ylang ylang, sea salt
Bottom: sea moss, driftwood



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